Siobhan Magnus Talks About Her Tattoos


Siobhan Magnus has 4 tattoos:
Right shoulder – An image of a man holding an umbrella with presents at his feet. From the cover of an Edward Gorey book, “The GashlyCrumb Tinies”
Left Forearm – The words “Ngi Ne Themba”, Swahili for “I Find Hope” from the album “The Walk” by Hanson
Right Forearm – A heart with a cross, in reference to her other favorite band “Hole”
Back of her neck – Eye of Horus, an Egyptian symbol of protection

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2 Responses to “Siobhan Magnus Talks About Her Tattoos”

  1. Mitch wrote:

    Siobhan is great!! Sometimes I think the judges have a difficult times with the fact that some of the new talent is quite alot better than the current “superstars” Personally I was not impressed with Alicia Keyes or some of the other professional act that have been on the show.
    It does seem that Siobhan has an undertone of sadness and sometimes anger behind her style. I would really like to see Siobhan risk the heartbreak of the judges and show some real happiness in her song choice and presentation.
    I think Siobhan is so good the judges do not know what to do with her. That she can be so egoless and become what she is singing. That is why the ego motived judges criticize her.SHE IS NOT LIKE THEM.
    BUT WHO AM I….a fifty year old father of five in northern California watching “Idol” for the first time.
    Maybe a good song choice would be “Dancing in the Streets”.

    April 25th, 2010 at 4:03 pm
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